About rainy influence from July 3

Because of the heavy rain in Hokkaido, please check the weather and transportaion to your destinations before traveling.

The situation of the sightseeing spot now(2018/07/12 AM9:00):

Hotel and Restaurant of the city area Open for regular hours
Asahiyama zoo Open
Ueno Farm Open
Snow Crystals Museum Open
Northern Wild Plants Garden Open
the 21st century woods(21seiki no mori) Open
but Only in the available area
Asahidake(Mt.asahi)  Open
Kamuikotan Open
Tenninkyo  Open
 Biei Drive course of the hill Open
 Biei BluePond(Aoi ike) Open
but Ⅿuddy,Greenish
 Souunkyo(Kurodake,Mt.kuro) Open
 Aizankei Closed
Ginsendai  Open
Tohma Stalactite cave Open
Pippi Strawberry picking

Information of the public institution:

  It is listed in English
Weather Warnings/Advisories http://www.jma.go.jp/en/warn/302_table.html
The latest road information https://info-road.hdb.hkd.mlit.go.jp/en/
Train information
(Check to Top red letter)
 Asahikawa Airport  https://www.aapb.co.jp/en/#ank1
 It is listed in Japanese(Please use Google translation)
“” 運行情報 “”=The service situation
Asahikawa Denkikido Bus http://www.asahikawa-denkikidou.jp/operation-status/
Dohoku Bus http://www.dohokubus.com/

If you have any questions, please cantact the followings:

Asahikawa Tourist Infomation
– TEL 0166-26-6665
– ADD Miyashita-dori 8-chome Asahikawa
(in front of east ticket gate at JR Asahikawa Station)
– Opening Hours 9:00 – 19:00